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Design is an integral, yet often undervalued element of garden development. 

Good design not only ensures that a garden will be a beautiful and inspiring space, but it ensures that it will remain practical, and livable. Our four award winning, in house, designers are able to use their experience and expertise to develop the right design concept for you. We have desegned & landscaped Gardens in many parts of tthe UK including London but we specicialise in garden design Cotswolds and surrounding areas.

At Graduate Gardeners we work together with our clients to develop the initial design concepts, tailoring the design according to your taste, needs and budget. Whether you are looking to create a traditional rural idyll or an innovative, contemporary outside space, we are able to shape our concepts to suit your needs.

We believe that developing the right design concept is vital in creating the perfect garden; as a result, all of our initial design consultations are free of charge. We will arrange for one of our designers to visit your garden in order to discuss your requirements and suggest design solutions, garden styles, planting schemes and advice on existing plants.

If the work that you require is relatively easy to envisage, we will be able to supply you with a full written quotation following the initial visit, however for more involved projects our garden designers are able to offer a full site survey taking account of levels, boundaries, buildings and existing plants and structures. This enables us to accurately plan your new garden and provides you with a scaled illustration from which you will be able to visualise the completed look.

A typical project workflow is...

Initial visit & consultation
The first step is often a design consultation. it's a chance for us to meet and understand each other and to understand what you want from the site, as well as your likes and dislikes. We’ll get a real sense of the vision and discuss the expected budget for the project.

Site survey
A comprehensive survey of the site really helps get the best design possible, as it aids the creative design process and makes sure practical considerations are addressed and assessing future grounds maintenance needs.

After the initial meeting our Designers will spend time in the studio coming up with concepts. At a second meeting, we’ll bring sketches, scaled plan drawings, and elevations, to demonstrate our proposals.

Specification and Quotation
The specification is our blueprint which gives everyone a clear schedule on how the garden design will be realised. It’s a full breakdown of every stage of the project with associated costs.

With the quotation agreed, we can fine-tune the planning details: you can expect a full time-scale of the project with target dates and daily working hours.

Project Build
Day one is when we deconstruct the existing garden. This can be a nervous time for clients, so we double-check all the design measurements and lay clear markers in the site for the new design so you can see the desired plan starting to become reality.
Construction can then begin, with levels being created and then retaining walls and steps usually coming first, followed by any garden or water features. The final part will be any paved areas.

Planting is often the most stimulating and enjoyable step of the project as you start to see your garden design come to life.

Everything is tidied and swept, building materials are long-gone and final quality checks have been made. We present the beautifully designed, expertly constructed new garden.

We help clients to keep up with grounds maintenance requirements easily by providing a tailored schedule and quotation for future services. We will also provide key after-care notes and are ready to answer any further questions you might have about maintaining your new garden design.

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