Corona Virus & Graduate Gardeners

March 17, 2020

On behalf of Graduate Gardeners Ltd, here is our response and action plan in regards to tackling the Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak.

Firstly, we would like to reassure our staff and clients that their health is our number one priority, but at the same time we are absolutely committed to keeping our business running.

We are reviewing our strategy on a daily basis, and are acting at all times on, or ahead of the advice from the UK government and Public Health England.

  • We have isolated each site / department and banned travel between Graduate Gardeners sites for all staff members. Only essential interaction between sites is continuing, with directorial authorisation.
  • Staff will keep a ‘safe distance’ of 2m/6ft from colleagues and customers at all times, with no physical contact permitted.
  • Office based staff have been instructed to work from home.
  • The office has been provided with cleaning equipment for personal work stations and surrounding environments.
  • Increased and intensive health and safety measures (including cleaning schedules) have been implemented for rest areas, changing rooms, toilets and other facilities on site.

Staff Movements and restrictions

Nobody is to visit any other Graduate Gardeners site that is not their designated place of work. If for any reason you need to go to another site, you will need authorisation from a director. The ONLY exception to this is the designers & contract managers who will still need to visit each of their sites, under the following conditions:

  1. They are not to go inside the buildings.
  2. There is to be no physical contact with any employees or customers.
  3. No paperwork is to be signed or handed over.
  • No suppliers or contractors are permitted at any Graduate Gardeners site unless authorized by a contract manager.

External interaction

Physical interaction needs to be limited to zero with the following:

  • Delivery drivers
  • Customers
  • Contractors
  • Office staff
  • Food van staff
  • Work colleagues from other GG sites

External Drivers and Couriers.

  • Graduate Gardeners staff should not have any physical contact with delivery drivers, heavy goods and couriers, and should always maintain a distance of at least 2 metres from the drivers in the event where interaction is required.
  • Do not touch or handle devices offered for signing, or sign paperwork, and, in the yard ask for all paperwork to left in the outside tray.

General Hygiene and Housekeeping.

  • When arriving on site, all staff members must wash their hands thoroughly with water and soap before touching anything around the site, or before going to the changing room/offices.
  • Wash hands at regular periodic intervals throughout the day.
  • Avoid all handshakes or physical contact (hugs) with colleagues, customers, delivery drivers or contractors coming on site.
  • Wash hands after interaction with other people (handshakes) if it could not be avoided.
    Avoid touching mouth, nose or eyes.
  • Be vigilant at all times and keep a safe distance from anybody who is sneezing or coughing that includes but not limited to: work colleagues, delivery drivers, contractors working on site, customers, car wash staff members.
  • Maintain a distance of at least 2m from colleagues, customers, delivery drivers or contractors coming on site.
  • The office to have a pack of anti-bacterial wipes.
  • Try to avoid leaving the site during working hours but if you do need to leave site, wash your hands immediately on your return using anti-bacterial soap.
  • At the end of the working day clean your desk area, keyboard, mouse, phone and any other items that have been used throughout the day with an anti-bacterial wipe.
  • Alcohol wipes to be located by the clocking machine along with instructions for use (clocking machines should be cleaned at 10 am every day and by the person who last leaves the building. Users of the clocking machine should sanitize their hands before and after clocking in.

Travelling to and from work

  • If staff are car sharing, a maximum of 3 per car and the car windows are to be kept open to provide ventilation.

At risk activities.

  • Where possible, doors to be left open to avoid contact.
  • Door handles to be wiped down at the start of each day, the end of each day.
  • Staff will still be able to use the coffee and drinks facilities according strictly to the following rules:
  1. One person to use at a time.
  2. Make your own drinks.
  3. Wipe down machines used and any surfaces with a bacterial wipe.
  4. Sanitize hands after use.

What If I feel unwell?

Stay at home if you have Coronavirus Symptoms.

  • A High temperature
  • You feel hot to touch on your chest or back.
  • A new, continuous cough – this means you’ve started coughing repeatedly.

Do not go to a GP surgery, pharmacy or hospital.
You do not need to contact 111 to tell them you’re staying at home.
If you have the above symptoms, get a PCR test to confirm if you have CV-19, stay at home for 10 days, and advise the office accordingly.
If you live with other people, and they are not fully vaccinated, they should stay at home for 10 days from the day the first person got symptoms.
It is now possible to reduce this period to 7 days if you have 2 negative lateral flow tests taken 24 hrs apart.
Absence due to CV-19 will be treated as any normal sickness, with the first 3 days unpaid.
For full guidance on what to do should you feel unwell/think that you might have contracted Coronavirus, visit the following NHS website immediately:

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